Decorating your Baby’s Nursery

Dear Moms,

This is one is addressed to you. We know decorating a baby’s room is not always a piece cake, especially when preparing a nursery while pregnant, and while, more often than not, taking care of a toddler all at the same time! (We call you super moms!)
Over the past years, we have seen countless women at our showroom stressing over which Wallpaper to choose, which color palette to go for, which theme to pick, where to place the crib, what curtains to match with the wall etc. It may seem silly, but as a mother it’s only natural to want to prepare the most perfect environment for you baby before he/she comes into this world. It’s called nesting!

Although our team is always at your disposal to help guide you, we have decided to give you a few simple tips, to make the whole process of decorating your baby’s nursery, way easier and much more enjoyable!

1. Start Early.

I can’t stress this enough. If you’re pregnant, It may seem like having 9 months is a long time, but spending the last few weeks of your pregnancy, going over countless catalogs to choose a wallpaper will only get you to settle for a theme, or wallpaper you’re not in love with, just because you’ll probably be tired and short on time.

2. Plan ahead.

Whether you’re customizing your wall decor, or choosing from our collection of ready-made wallpapers (Which are also SUPER cute by the way!) You need to know that the ordering process usually takes a little bit of time. Same as ordering cribs, closets, nursing chairs and the rest of your baby’s furniture.

3. Go plain with the furniture.

when it comes to the furniture in the room. Whatever you choose, try to go as simple and timeless as possible. You don’t want to have to change the bed every few years just because it’s out of style. Get creative on the wall and by accessorizing so it is easier for you to just peel and replace, when you decide it’s time for a change.

4.Choose between Mural Or Pattern Wallpaper.

Decide whether you’re looking for a Wallpaper mural or pattern. These two are very different. Murals are custom-made wallpapers that are printed especially with the measurements of your wall. (Our website is full of them and they’re mostly custom-made and can be personalized, too) Patterns are a series of elements that are repeated on the whole wall. They each give different vibes to a space.

5. Reach out to us for guidance.

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We have designed hundreds of rooms for hundreds of happy kids and moms, too! We, at Fabric Ville would gladly help you design yours. Our team will make this whole process way easier for you.

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